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ZiwiPeak Daily Cat Cuisine Venison Dry Cat Food 400g

ZiwiPeak Daily Cat Cuisine Venison Dry Cat Food 400g

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Ziwi Peak Daily Cat Cuisine With Venison 400g

This air dried cat food has the earthy and meaty taste of venison that tickles the fancy even of the most finicky feline. With this Ziwi Peak Daily Cat Cuisine with Venison, you are sure to satisfy the cravings of your fur baby. You’re not just giving this wee one a tasty product, but your giving balanced nutrition to promote optimum health. With the right food, your cat will also be energetic and playful, so you’ll have loads of bonding moment.

Key Benefits:

  • Because this product is made ethically from sustainable meat farms in New Zealand, you can use this with confidence and without any worries
  • Each delectable bite is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to boost your cat’s immune system which is in charge of fighting diseases
  • This has been crafted to suit your cat’s unique taste buds with only the best protein source that promotes lean muscle development
  • Fortified with essential amino and fatty acids for supple skin and luscious coat
  • Produced with no GMO, no BPA, and no grains so this is the ideal food for cats that have allergies
  • Offers a true farm to table experience that meets your fur baby’s daily nutritional requirements
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