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Yours Droolly

Yours Droolly Cat & Dog Styptic Powder 30g

Yours Droolly Cat & Dog Styptic Powder 30g

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Styptic Powder is essential to have in the first aid kit for your cat or dog. Don't have a first aid kit for your cat/dog? It's important for the health and wellbeing of your pet that you start one. The purpose of styptic powder is to help stop minor bleeding from nails after a session of nail clipping. Yours Droolly's Styptic Powder can be used on dogs and cats and should be applied immediately at the sight of even the slightest of minor bleeds.

Directions of use:

Apply to the bleeding area, enough to cover the wound.

Ingredients (active constituents)*: Zinc Sulphate, Ferric Subsulphate

*List of ingredients is not exhaustive. Should you have any queries or concerns regarding allergies, please contact the manufacturer.

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