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White Cloud Fish 2.5cm

White Cloud Fish 2.5cm

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The majority of White clouds sold today are farmed in Asia, with the species now being very rare in the wild. The white clouds popularity can be attributed to its peaceful nature, its pleasant colour, and the fact that it is compatible in either tropical or cold water aquaria. While being a tropical species, they can be kept in unheated aquaria or ponds in most areas of Australia. These fish make an excellent addition to goldfish tanks and bowls where their schooling habit, bright, lively nature adds life and action to the goldfish aquarium. Max Size: 4cm


White clouds are omnivorous and have few demands for special foods when it comes to feeding. A simple flake food will be fine. On occasions feeding them with frozen foods such as Brine Shrimp or Bloodworm will be beneficial.


White clouds are a peaceful fish that can coexist with most other varieties of community fish.

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