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Wahl Whitening Shampoo Concertrate 300ml

Wahl Whitening Shampoo Concertrate 300ml

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Our Whitening Shampoo contains less than 1% colour enhancer to help whites to be whiter and colours brighter. The rich lather deep cleans dirt and environmental residue that dulls your dog’s coat. The easy rinse shampoo leaves you dog’s coat clean, silky and smooth. Plant based cleansers make Wahl’s Shampoo the choice for owners who want to avoid harsh chemicals for you and your dog.

Key Features
  • White Pear: This brightening formula is made with White Pear which helps to brighten whites and enhance the colour of your dog’s coat.
  • Pet Friendly Formula: Wahl understands the importance of avoiding harsh chemicals, which is why all our shampoos are pH Balanced, as well as Paraben & Alcohol Free.
  • Concentrated Formula: With this large 700ml bottle of high concentrate shampoo, a little goes a long way. This saves you money and trips back to the shop!
  • Healthy Skin, Healthy Coat: A healthy skin makes for a healthy coat. The Whitening Shampoo comprises of a thick lather that
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