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Wahl Orange/White 2 in 1 Rake and Shedding Blade

Wahl Orange/White 2 in 1 Rake and Shedding Blade

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The Double Row Rake and Shedding Blade is a dual use grooming tool with a shedding blade on one side and rake on the other. The double row rake gently removes loose undercoat, and the shedding blade is designed to effectively remove loose hair from the top coat.

This 2 in 1 grooming tool is perfect for long, short or double coat breeds. Regular grooming will help to remove dirt, debris and loose hair that can cause matting.

Key Features
  • Helps removes shedding undercoat, loose hair, dirt and debris
  • Head to tail groomer with stainless-steel pins for durability
  • Promotes healthy coat growth and skin
  • Anti Slip Handle provide max control and comfort
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