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Vetafarm Spark Liquid All Animals

Vetafarm Spark Liquid All Animals

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Spark Liquid for All animals is a veterinary formulated multipurpose electrolyte that is essential for every pet owner to ensure your pet is hydrated healthy and happy. Spark is great to give your pets in times of high temperatures. Spark Liquid is quickly absorbed and fast acting to ensure optimal hydration. Spark liquid is a great first aid product and should be used when animals are sick, injured or recovering from treatment. Spark also recharges in times of stress and transport and also recover in times of illness. Can be administered directly in emergency situations to provide fast acting energy. Hydrates and supports all animals during times of extreme temperature. Spark helps to recharge in times of stress and transport. Spark also assists recovery in times of illness. Add 20mL to 1L of drinking water. Remove all other sources of water and prepare fresh solution daily. Store below 30C (room temperature).

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