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Vetafarm Origins Vita-C Tablets 50pk

Vetafarm Origins Vita-C Tablets 50pk

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Guinea pigs cannot produce their own vitamin C, so they must have it supplemented in their diet. Vitamin C is essential for collagen production and immune system maintenance. Without it, they are at risk for diseases such as scurvy. Vita-C Tablets provide vitamin C, plus other essential vitamins to keep your guinea pigs in optimum health.

Key Features
- Accurate Dosage
- Tablets provide a veterinary-reviewed dosage to assist in the prevention of deficiencies.
- Easy Administration
- Effervescent tablets dissolve easily in drinking water.
- Essential Vitamins
- Contains a range of additional vitamins to enhance your guinea pig’s health.

Why do we recommend Vita-C Tablets?
Vitamin C is required for many processes in the body such as collagen production (a component in bones, skin, ligaments and blood vessels) and immune system maintenance. Guinea pigs cannot produce their own vitamin C and must consume it in their diet.
Scurvy is a nutritional disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C in the diet. Symptoms of scurvy may include loss of appetite, depression, lameness, poor coat condition, sore joints, and nasal discharge. Prevention of scurvy is simple by providing the correct levels of vitamin C.
Vita-C Tablets have been formulated to supplement the diet of guinea pigs with vitamin C as well as a range of other vitamins.
Vita-C Tablets are easily added to water and maintains the required amount of vitamin C throughout the day.
Vitamin C supplementation is not necessary for guinea pigs that are fed Cavy Origins.

Directions: Add 1 soluble tablet to 500mL of drinking water.Change water daily.
May be used in conjunction with other dietary supplements. Vitamin C supplementation is not required if guinea pigs are being fed Cavy Origins.

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