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Tetra Fin Goldfish Flake

Tetra Fin Goldfish Flake

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TetraFin Goldfish Flakes Food For Fish Is A Fantastic Choice For The Optimal Health Of Your Fishy Friend. Nutritionally balanced staple diet that satisfies the nutritional requirements of goldfish. The perfect food for optimal health, enhanced colour and vitality.

Scientifically developed mixed formula of nutritious ingredients plus vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. The ProCare formula helps support the immune system for sustained health and longer life. Contains omega-3 fatty acids, immune boosting ingredients, and a biotin supplement to bolster metabolism.

Suitable for: Goldfish

Features & Benefits
  • Does not leach colour, keeping the aquarium water cleaner and clearer
  • Easy to digest
  • Can be fed daily as a complete and balanced fish food diet
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