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Tech 4 Pets Smart Water Fountain with UV Light 2L

Tech 4 Pets Smart Water Fountain with UV Light 2L

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Your pets will never go thirsty while you are away from home because the Tech4Pets 2L Smart Water Fountain with UV Filter will regularly hydrate them. Use the Laser SmartHome App in your phone to remotely control the fountain’s water flow and circulation. It also sends you alert notifications if the water level is too low. The fountain has a UV light filtration system to disinfect impurities from the water. It shuts down automatically in case of leakage to prevent electrical hazards.

Key Features:

  • UV light filtration system disinfects the water from many types of impurities
  • 2L fountain capacity
  • Circulating water system greatly increases the oxygen content of water
  • Sends alarm notification if fountain water levels are too low
  • Automatically powers off if there is leakage to prevent electrical hazards
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