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Seresto Tick & Flea Collar Small Dog <8kg

Seresto Tick & Flea Collar Small Dog <8kg

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The Seresto™ collar is the longest lasting flea and paralysis tick protection for dogs and puppies, providing consistent protection for 8 months. Seresto™ is an odourless, water-resistant* collar that works by contact, so there’s no need for fleas and ticks to bite. It's the simple way to keep your best friend protected! *See product label for further information. Easy to apply, long-lasting collar for dogs & puppies

Controls paralysis ticks for 8 months

Controls fleas for 8 months

Controls brown dog & bush ticks for 4 months

Reduces transmission of Ehrlichia canis, Babesia vogeli & Anaplasma platys by the brown dog tick for 4 months

Treats lice

Odourless & water resistant*

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