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PAW Wellness & Vitality Multivitamin Chews 300g

PAW Wellness & Vitality Multivitamin Chews 300g

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PAW Wellness + Vitality Chews 300g

Pets are not just mere animals but they are beloved members of the family. If you want to spend a really long time with your canine, consider giving this Paw Wellness + Vitality Chews Supplement. This has been specifically formulated to boost the health of your furry best friend. On top of that, it also increases vitality so you can engage with load of wholesome activities with your dog.

Key Benefits

  • Each chew is loaded with vitamins to ensure that your dog remains healthy
  • This is crafted with alkalizing ingredients that take out harmful acids
  • Packed with superfoods such as organic spirulina and kale
  • Fortified with antioxidants like blueberries to boos the immune system
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