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Bay Fish

Male Dwarf Gourami Fish 4.5cm

Male Dwarf Gourami Fish 4.5cm

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Gouramis are part of the family Belontidae, and are generally referred to as anabantoids or labyrinth fish. The labyrinth organ allows them to extract oxygen from atmospheric air in areas where the water is poorly oxygenated. Gourami colouration varies greatly. Dwarf gouramis range from neon blue to flame red, with wide variations in between. Kissing gouramis are either pink or green, while the larger gouramis feature pretty blue coloration. Max Size: 5.5cm


The pelvic fins on gouramis are adapted to act as long, tentaclelike sensors. Using these, they can detect food, as well as other objects in the water. They will eat most aquarium food, but do require a varied diet in order to thrive. For best result, feed a combination of dry food, live, vegetables, and frozen foods from the AI Naturals Range. Small size gouramis (34cm) are still considered fry, and need several feeds a day.


Dwarf gouramis make an excellent addition to the peaceful commu

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