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Lexi & Me Small Cat Scratch Post

Lexi & Me Small Cat Scratch Post

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Scratching is a cat's instinctive behaviour, keeping them entertained with a scratch post diverts attention away from damaging furniture, giving you a peace of mind. The post acts as your cat's territory, while providing exercise and maintains your cat's claws.

With many textures and features, this post allows your cat to scratch, play, perch and climb. Heavy duty base prevents the post from toppling over when your cat gets a little feisty. Measuring at 40 x 40 x 73cm, this scratch post is perfect for cats of all sizes.

Brand: Lexi & Me
For: Pet Toys
Size: 40 x 40 x 73cm
Base Material: MFC

• Sisal wrapped post with toy
• Easy to assemble
• Helps satisfy the urge to claw
• Heavy duty base
• Features pom pom toy
• Allows your cat to scratch and excerise

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