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Lexi & Me Dual Purpose Cat Mat

Lexi & Me Dual Purpose Cat Mat

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• Functional and practical is the Lexi & Me Dual Purpose Cat Mat, allowing you to have two purposes with one product

• Can be used as a feeding mat for your cat to prevent food from scattering everywhere and keep your house neat and tidy

• Works as a litter mat as well, it is designed to catch litter that sticks to your cat’s paws or fur after they use the bathroom

• Non-slip base to prevent sliding for a peaceful mealtime or when your cat walks on it when they step out of the litter box

• This cat mat is easy to clean, any dirt or spillage can be removed without hassle, saving time on cleanup

Brand: Lexi & Me
Colour: Grey
Size: 40cm x 30cm (L x W)
Base Material: PVC


• Dual purpose
• Use as feeding mat or litter mat
• Non-slip base
• Easy to clean

You will appreciate the Lexi & Me Dual Purpose Cat Mat, which can function as both a feeding mat or a litter mat. Gr

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