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Lexi & Me Compostable Large Waste Bag

Lexi & Me Compostable Large Waste Bag

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The Lexi & Me Large Compostable bags are strong, durable, and leakproof. The increased height of the bag ensures it will allow for room to knot even when picking up after larger-sized dogs. A must-have when out walking, jogging, or hiking with your dog. It is easy to tear off a new bag, each roll includes 10 bags.

Brand: Lexi & Me

Contents: 3 x 10pk Rolls (TOTAL: 30 bags)

Holder NOT included

Single Bag Size: 35cm x 20cm (H x W)

Base Material: PBAT, PLA & corn starch


  • Compostable & biodegradable material
  • Leakproof
  • Larger bag
  • Easy tear for a new bag
  • Replacement compostable bag available
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