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Lexi & Me Cement Bird Ladder

Lexi & Me Cement Bird Ladder

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• Helps with wearing down your birds nails gradually as they climb the ladder, reducing the need for manual trimming.

• Easily attaches to most bird cages.

• Keeps your bird active and entertained throughout the day.

• Available in 3 different sizes: Small - 5 Rungs, Medium - 7 Rungs, Large - 9 Rungs

• Ideal for medium to sized birds such as budgies, cockatiels and parrots.

Brand: Lexi & Me
For: Pet Accessories
Colour: Red, Brown or Blue
Base Material: Made from pinewood, cement, seashells & metal.


• Rough surface to aid natural trimming of nails and beaks
• Natural wood and seashells for added calcium
• Lightweight and easy to attach
• Available in various sizes

The Lexi & Me Cement Bird Ladder is an ideal cage accessory to keep your pet bird's claws trimmed and healthy. The rungs are made from cement and crushed sea shells that naturally trim the nails and beak

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