Lexi & Me Bottle Crusher Pawsecco Rose

Lexi & Me Bottle Crusher Pawsecco Rose

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Lexi & Me Bottle Crusher

Entertaining and enriching, the Lexi & Me Bottle Crusher will add diversity to your dog’s toy collection. This toy is stuffing-free, ensuring there is a minimal mess when it comes to rougher play. Cleaning is also a breeze as this bottle toy is machine washable. It features a squeaker inside to entice play while providing sensory stimulation for your dog, relieving boredom with a fun and interactive activity.

Turn your old water bottle into play time with the Lexi & Me Bottle Crusher, with a secure opening at the bottom just replace the plastic bottle to offer a satisfying crunch.


  • Brand: Lexi & Me
  • Colour: Pink
  • Size: 8cm x 28cm (D x H)
  • Base Material: Bottle cover: Polyester, Bottle: PET, Bottle Cap: PE Squeaker accessory on cap


  • Replaceable bottle
  • Stuffing free
  • Minimal mess
  • Includes squeaker
  • Machine wash
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