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Kit Cat Soya Green Tea Clumping Cat Litter 7L

Kit Cat Soya Green Tea Clumping Cat Litter 7L

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Kit Cat Soy Litter has been specially designed to help to control waste and unpleasant litter odours. Absorbing 3 times more liquid than traditional crystal or clay litter, this clumping litter helps keep your cat’s paws clean and dry, while the pleasant fragrance helps to keep their litter fresh. It is 100% biodegradable, all-natural, and fully-flushable and can be placed on the garden or in the compost. This litter is designed to clump upon contact with fluid, making it easier to clean up soiled litter. Made from natural soybeans, which come free of chemicals and dyes, this litter is safe for use with cats, kittens and small animals alike.

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