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Joint Guard Powder for Dogs

Joint Guard Powder for Dogs

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CEVA Joint Guard for Dogs – 400g

Provide your dogs comfort, especially if they are suffering from arthritis, with CEVA Joint Guard. It can be used on a daily basis to help prevent cartilage degeneration in your dogs. It also has a critical component that provides a joint protective effect, which helps reduce cartilage degeneration and promote the production of healthy cartilage matrix in the body. Long term use of this product also helps reduce the inflammation from arthritis, injury, or hip dysplasia. This is a helpful supplement for dog breeds that have a high risk of joint problems, especially for working dogs and very active dogs.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps reduce inflammation related to arthritis
  • Repair and maintains joint cartilage
  • Protects joint cartilage in dogs prone to this type of condition
  • Promotes healthy production of cartilage matrix and joint fluid (synovial)
  • Odourless and tasteless for easy consumption
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