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Hill's Prescription Diet U/D Urinary Care Wet Dog Food 370g

Hill's Prescription Diet U/D Urinary Care Wet Dog Food 370g

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Please note, ingredients may vary slightly depending on packaging received due to a formula update.

Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care with Chicken Wet Dog Food is clinical nutrition proven to improve and lengthen quality of life in dogs. It’s made in the USA with global ingredients you can trust, and was developed by Hill’s nutritionists and veterinarians. This food contains high levels of essential amino acids, the building blocks of muscle protein. It is also formulated to promote a urinary environment that reduces the risk of developing struvite and calcium oxalate crystals.

Features & Benefits:

  • >Supports your dog's heart and kidney function
  • Enriched with taurine, L-carnitine and antioxidants for a healthy body
  • Highly digestible protein

Prescription diets should only be used with the professional advice of your Veterinarian or Veterinary professional. If symptoms persist or you have any concerns please contact your local Veterinary practice, or email us

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