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Flexi Classic Tape Large 5m

Flexi Classic Tape Large 5m

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The Classic combines modern features and accessories with the traditional advantages of a Flexi. Apropos modern features: The multi Box is the ideal accessory to store treats or standard poop-bag rolls. And the LED Lighting System is perfect for all night owls.

Features & Benefits Comfortable Braking System - There are moments when a split second can change everything. Flexi braking systems are not only intuitive and smooth, but they also react in a split second.

Accessories LED Lighting System - A great solution for late-night walks. Ultra-bright LED front light with a separate red rear light. Both can be switched on and off individually. The system can be attached on either side of the housing (for right or left-handed users). Multi-Box - The Flexi Multi Box can be opened from either side. You can use it to store treats or standard waste-bag rolls (for right or left-handed users).


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