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K9 Natural

Feline Natural Grain Free Chicken & Lamb Wet Cat Food

Feline Natural Grain Free Chicken & Lamb Wet Cat Food

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Inspired by our beautiful New Zealand environment and guided by world leading science, Feline Natural provides the Best Blends of Nature in nutrition for cats.

Free from all gelling agents, the only thing we add to our canned cat food is natural, New Zealand water. The grain-free, wholefood goodness of our complete diet in a convenient, easy to store, ready to use can.

For cats of all life stages, including kittens.

Features and Benefits
  • Contains 99% grass-fed, free range beef, lamb or venison, cage-free chicken, and sustainably caught fish.
  • Made with fresh New Zealand water, promoting all important hydration through a cat's diet.
  • Free from all gelling agents
  • Made without grain, wheat, gluten, GMO ingredients, Corn, Soy, Cereals, Dairy, Rice, Potato or any other fillers
  • Highly palatable, a taste that cats love!

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