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EzyDog Click Adjustable Car Restraint

EzyDog Click Adjustable Car Restraint

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Note: Not compatible with Volvo cars.

EzyDog manufactured this seatbelt attachment that clicks in easily to your car's seatbelt holder. This very easy to install device is a must-have for your car because if all the people occupants clip on their seatbelts for safety, then your furry family member logically needs one too. The last thing you want to see is your beloved dog flying out the windshield. Simply click this to the seatbelt holder and you’re good to go!

Key Benefits:

  • Keeps your dogs safe against any possible accidents
  • Fully adjustable to suit any size
  • Restrains your dog so it won’t distract you
  • Offers flexibility to keep your dog safe
  • Ensures your dog won’t be ejected from the car during a sudden brake
  • Compatible with EzyDog harnesses
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