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Bay Fish

Elephant Ear Male Betta Fish 5cm

Elephant Ear Male Betta Fish 5cm

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Conditions in established home aquariums are usually quite suited for keeping these fish. Good animal husbandry is essential — ensure low population densities, plenty of hiding places, low they will require frequent water changes and good water maintenance—we recommend Tetra Betta Safe as a suitable water conditioner for your Betta. Always take care that they are not restricted in their movements and are able to turn and swim freely. In a shared aquarium, a little extra care may be needed at feeding time to ensure they get their share, and to ensure that other fish do not nip at their elaborate finnage. Max Size: 8cm


Feed floating pellets such as Tetra Bettamin Tropical Medley, live blackworm, freeze dried black worm or AI Naturals Range Frozen Betta Mix. AI Naturals Range Betta Mix has been specifically created to complement dry foods, ensuring that your Betta receives all of their nutritional requirements. It contains no artificial colours or preservatives.

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