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Dogit Disposable Diapers

Dogit Disposable Diapers

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Dogit Dog Diapers are prefect for preventing mess in the home or when travelling by providing a leak proof, secure fit due to their super absorbency and stick on tabs. The Dogit Dog Diapers supply a comfortable guard against any type of leaks be it females in heat, dogs recovering from surgery, incontinence or emotional urination. Coming in a convenient 12 pack, these diapers have a hole for your dog's tail and are available in sizes:

  • Small: For dogs 3.6-6.8kg, Waist 32-44cm
  • Medium: For dogs 6.8-15.8kg, Waist 42-53.3cm
  • Large: For dogs 15.8-24.9kg, Waist 45.7-57.2cm
  • Extra Large: For dogs 25-40kg, Waist 50.8-66cm
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