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Dine Kitten Steamed Ocean Fish Wet Cat Food 85G

Dine Kitten Steamed Ocean Fish Wet Cat Food 85G

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Dine Wet Kitten Food with Ocean Fish and Seafood in 85gram Pack

This Dine cat food is the perfect meal for your growing kitten. The deep seafood and ocean fish flavors will undoubtedly whet the appetite of your your feline friend. This is the perfect meal companion of growing cats as it is packed with the right blend of ingredients to help them mature.

Key Benefits:

  • Made out of a nutritious blend of ingredients for your growing cat’s optimal health
  • Fortified with added vitamins and minerals
  • Loaded with taurine that is essential for growth
  • Contains essential amino acids for growing kittens
  • Tastes wonderful so your kitten will look forward to every meal
  • Cuts of ocean fished have been minced well for easy swallowing
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