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Cobber Puppy Dry Dog Food 20kg

Cobber Puppy Dry Dog Food 20kg

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Cobber® has been working with dog breeders and trainers for over a quarter of a century. We understand that the foundations of an adult working dog’s health are set in the first few months of life. Proper nutrition during this critical growth period will allow your dog to realise their full genetic potential as part of your team of working dog champions in the future. Cobber® has formulated a complete feed specifically to give working dog puppies the best start in life.

  • The right amount of energy (fats and carbohydrates) and building blocks (proteins, vitamins and minerals) to allow your puppy to realise its full genetic potential for muscle strength, bone density and sensory development.
  • Essential omega fatty acids that are vital to your puppy’s cognitive development.
  • Beet pulp has been included to promote digestion and nutrient absorption to help your puppy get all the building blocks its developing body needs.
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