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Caribu Saddle Pad Dressage Shim

Caribu Saddle Pad Dressage Shim

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Our 100% Genuine Australian Merino Sheepskin lined dressage saddle cloth features our removable shim pad system.The 6 pocket design of these saddle pads allows for shim pads to be added and removed via velcro closures with ease. This system is ideal to make finer adjustments to the saddle & horse, allowing horses to develop muscle without having to replace or re-f lock your saddle all the time.

Each saddle pad comes with a set of 6 x high density memory foam Shims. (10mm thick) (You can purchase an extra set seperately)

The benefits of a shim pad system with your dressage saddle pad are:

  • Helps compensate for changes in young horses due to their rapid muscle development during training
  • For fully trained horses which change muscle definition during periods of work and rest
  • Helps correct natural irregularities in the horses build
  • To help compensate for a 'lower sway back' caused by age
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