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Buddy & Belle

Buddy & Belle Pet Car Seat Double with Reversible Lining

Buddy & Belle Pet Car Seat Double with Reversible Lining

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The Buddy & Belle Pet Car Seat Double is a great way to take two small dogs or one large dog with you on your next road trip. Easy to install, it comes with two seat belt loops and a strap so you can fasten it in position using your car’s seat belts and headrest. Built-in safety straps attach to dog's harness providing better protection, while the reversible lining provides warmth in winter and cool in summer. With two front pockets there’s a convenient place to store treats or toys. The foldable design allows for easy storage making the Buddy & Belle Pet Cat Seat ideal for your getaway.

Brand: Buddy & Belle
For: Pet Accessories
Colour: Charcoal/Black
Base Material: 100% polyester
Dimensions: 75cm L x 39cm W x 27.5cm H


• Easy to install
• Double seat belt straps
• Reversible lining
• Multiple pockets
• Foldable design

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