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Bolivian Butterfly Fish 4.5cm

Bolivian Butterfly Fish 4.5cm

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M. altispinosus is an undervalued species in the aquarium hobby. They are impressively coloured, will not grow too large, will eat most foods, and they can adapt to a diverse number of water conditions with ease. Since M. altispinosus is not as finicky as many other cichlids when it comes to these requirements it is definitely worth a look. Max Size: 8cm


Bolivian butterflies benefit from a varied diet. We recommend feeding foods high in betacarotene to enhance colouration. They are bottom feeders, so feed good quality sinking foods. Supplement their diet with high quality frozen foods such as AI Naturals Range Brine Shrimp, and Tropical Mix.


M. altispinosus are a shy and relatively peaceful cichlid which are well suited to being kept in small groups of 46 in a community tank. Tetras or similar midwater species are recommended as tank mates, since the presence of small to medium sized fish appears to reduce their natural shyness.

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