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Blue Planet

Blue Planet Pond Clear Algae Control for Pond 500ml

Blue Planet Pond Clear Algae Control for Pond 500ml

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Pond Clear controls most algae common to ornamental fish ponds and helps to prevent algae from reappearing. Algae can be a seasonal occurrence more common through the warmer months of the year, however pond position can mean algae is present often. Blue Planet Pond Clear will not affect pond plants or fish when used as directed. When ponds are heavily infested with algae, oxygen depletion in pond water may occur after treatment. This is caused by dead and decaying algae and can lead to fish mortality. To prevent oxygen depletion, remove heavy algae growths mechanically before treatment. Algae growth is promoted by phosphates from food, fish wastes and strong light. Regular partial water changes and increasing shaded area of pond will discourage algae growth. Removing sludge build up along the base of the pond, as well as particles floating help decrease the waste build up. Fish food is a common problem when offering too much, be aware of water temperature as cooler temperatures decrease the fish wanting the

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