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Black Dog

Blackdog Beef Bone Dog Treats

Blackdog Beef Bone Dog Treats

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Black Dog Large Beef Bones Dog Treat

This large femur bone is a great way to keep your dog’s busy as it helps them improve their hygiene while chewing bones. It's supposed to have raw meat in it that produces a lot of proteins to boost their energy during playtime and training and other vital nutrients to enhance their immune system to defeat harmful bacteria and viruses. Remember to supervise your dogs while chewing bones and take it away after 15 minutes.

Key Benefits:

  • Rich source of vitamins, minerals, and proteins to keep them well-nourished and to sustain a longer lifespan
  • Natural nutrients are found in bones compared to heavily processed treats
  • Can be a small entertainment for your dog while chewing
  • Chewing is stimulating enzymes and fibre, good for the bones
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