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Big Dog BARF Wellbeing For Dogs 3kg

Big Dog BARF Wellbeing For Dogs 3kg

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Wellbeing is a lower fat healthy raw diet, which has been specifically designed for overweight dogs or dogs requiring dietary support for health conditions such as pancreatic issues, liver conditions, kidney issues and cancer.

To our blend of lean muscle meat, vitamin and mineral-rich offal, crushed bone and cartilage we add nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables and a blend of herbs and extras specific to the wellbeing diet recipe.

Traditional healing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and health-promoting herbs include gota kola, jiaogulan, herb Robert, nettle and turmeric to name a few. These herbs provide support to the liver, kidneys and cardiovascular system making this diet perfect for senior dogs.

This recipe wouldn’t be complete without Big Dog’s special extra ingredients, including (but not limited to) sprouted wheatgrass, cold-pressed ground flaxseed, whole eggs, kelp, dolomite, goats whey, and organic fulvic acid.

At Big Dog we strive for quality and quantity when i

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