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Avi One

Avi One Wooden blocks & Pumice with rope

Avi One Wooden blocks & Pumice with rope

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Avi One Bird Toys are designed to provide enrichment and entertainment for your avian pet. Providing environmental enrichment for your pet bird enhances their quality of life, instincts and overall health and well-being.
Create different activities for your bird by introducing a variety of toys, textures and styles.

Features and Benefits:

  • Different textures are available to entertain and stimulate your bird. Available in a combination of loofa, rattan, wood, paper or plastic
  • Some toys will encourage foraging and assist in preventing boredom
  • Durable bird safe construction
  • Lockable pear link for easy placement within the bird cage
  • Available in a variety of textures and styles
  • Size: 28cm
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