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Assorted Peacock Fish 5cm

Assorted Peacock Fish 5cm

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African Peacocks are very popular aquarium fish, because of their lively behaviour, bright colours, shapes, size and intelligence. These hardy fish are very easy to care for and can breed successfully in captivity. African peacock cichlids are a recent introduction to the hobby and the popularity of this beautiful hardy fish has grown immensely. To keep this fish happy, keep the water alkaline, temperature tropical and provide a varied diet. Max Size: 12cm


These cichlids are omnivorous feeders so they require a varied diet of live food, meaty food, worms and vegetable matter. They will accept Tetra cichlid flakes and pellets with gusto. They are greedy and messy eaters and therefore need frequent partial water changes and adequate filtration to keep the biological waste to a minimum.


Peacocks are semiaggressive and territorial. They should not be kept with small or peaceful fish.

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