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Aqua One

Aqua One Cichlid Flake

Aqua One Cichlid Flake

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Aqua One Cichlid Flakes are suitable for smaller species of omnivorous and herbivorous fish. They are formulated to be fed on a daily basis in conjunction with Spirulina flakes. Aqua One Cichlid Flakes are a great basic diet for all omnivorous/herbivorous Cichlid species. They provide just the right amount of protein to ensure proper growth and fin development. The Astaxanthin will ensure brilliant colours and striking pattern as well as guard the fish from disease since it is a well known powerful antioxidant. The multi-vitamin complex will provide the fish with all the vitamins they need for a fully functional immune system. All Aqua One food is made from only the highest quality ingredients to ensure maximum digestibility to reduce the amount of waste produced.

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