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Advance Weight Control Large Breed Adult Chicken Dry Dog Food 13kg

Advance Weight Control Large Breed Adult Chicken Dry Dog Food 13kg

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Advance Adult Dog Weight Control Large Breed Chicken Dog Food – 13kg

Often, we fall to the trap of guilt-tripping our pooches with treats and other food items whenever they flash their adorable puppy eyes on us. Although there is nothing wrong with spoiling your beloved fur baby, when not feeding in moderation, your doggy may be at risk of obesity. More so, if Fido isn’t active at play or exercise. Formulated with nutrients, vitamins and minerals for weight control of large or giant dog breeds, this is a perfect meal that your pooch will love.

Key Benefits:

  • Contains prebiotics, inulin and essential fibres for healthy bowel movement and digestion
  • Strengthens your pooch’s immune system with anti-oxidants and vitamin E
  • Made with zinc, omega 3 and 6, and linoleic acid for shiny and smooth fur
  • Promotes overall dental health through uniquely-shaped kibbles that stimulate mechanical abrasion
  • Formulated with balanced minerals and vitamins with minimal calories for effective weight management
  • Contains controlled levels of minerals and high digestibility for a healthy urinary system and increased water turnover
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