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Advance Chicken and Rice Dry Cat Food

Advance Chicken and Rice Dry Cat Food

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ADVANCE products are scientifically formulated to help improve cat health.Made locally from our home in the Central Tablelands of NSW by leading cat nutritionists for over 20 years. A unique knowledge of the needs of Australian cats sees us sourcing and blending high quality ingredients to createa range of specifically tailored foods.

A controlled mineral level and high digestibility promotes increased water turnover and a healthy urinary tract. Fermentable Prebiotic Fibre Helps support a balanced gut microbiome plus a highly digestible formula aids nutrient absorption, promotes healthy digestion and reduced litter box odour. Antioxidant Vitamins C and E Clinically proven to increase antioxidant level. Helps provide a natural defence against Australia’s climate. Tempts Fussy Eaters High quality ingredients and a great tasting formulation – guaranteed to tempt even the fussiest eaters. Tartar Reducation Formula Formulated with an active ingredient that binds calcium to the saliva to help reduce tarta

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