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Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser & Refill

Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser & Refill

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The Adaptil Diffuser helps you create a loving, calm, comforting environment in your home to nurture and enhance the your relationship you have with your buddy.

Scientific studies have shown that using Adaptil helps reduce the signs of stress in dogs and puppies exposed to challenging situations for them at home.

How to use the Adaptil Diffuser?

Screw the diffuser refil jar onto the diffuser then plug it into an electric socket.

Turn the diffuser on and leave it on permanently to ensure maximum comfort of your dog.

The diffuser should be plugged into the room where the dog spends most of its time.

Each diffuser refill covers an area of 50-70m2, with each jar lasting for up to 30 days.

You can replace the vials every month by buying an Adaptil Refill.

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