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Barastoc Lead Up Pellets

Barastoc Lead Up Pellets

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A specialist pelleted feed formulated with anionic salts providing pre-calving dairy cows the best possible start to their demanding calving and milk production phases.


  • Nutrient specification designed to maximise pre-calving cow health and to help minimise possible future health problems; e.g. poor feed intake after calving and metabolic disorders that can reduce milk yield and decrease reproductive performance.
  • Energy sources include grains to help with rumen pre-conditioning and reduce the risk of impaired rumen function in early lactation.
  • Includes high quality protein sources (e.g. canola meal, soya bean meal, lupins etc.) to help boost protein reserves for early lactation.
  • Supplies correct balance of minerals, trace elements and vitamins, to maintain the health and well being of the high producing cow.
  • Includes anionic salts to help modify the electrolyte balance of the diet. Incorrect electrolyte balance can increase the risk of hypocalcaemia (milk fever).
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